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Read the latest news concerning NASUWT throughout the four member nations of the UK.
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NASUWT Consultation Conference Round-Up08/07/2014 12:16

You can now read all about what happened at the NASUWT’s recent consultation conferences.

Electoral Reform Services - GS Election 201404/07/2014 9:36

ERS report for the election of the NASUWT General Secretary.

US-EU trade deal and the risk to schools01/07/2014 17:01

A free trade deal is currently being negotiated between the US and EU which could leave schools and other education services even more vulnerable to privatisation by private companies.

Teachers' pensions-the equalisation of survivor benefits30/06/2014 12:38

The NASUWT is continuign to fight for the equalisation of survivor benefits for all members of the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

Northern Ireland - Proposed teacher redundancies27/06/2014 8:45

The NASUWT is deeply concerned by the recent Ministerial announcement regarding teacher redundancies. We have been urgently seeking clarification on the issue, as the statements issued by the Minister and the Department have at best been confused. The NASUWT is making representations to the Minister expressing the unacceptability of the uncertai...


Mae athrawon yn dod i ddiwedd y cylch rheoli perfformiad/gwerthuso cyntaf yn awr o dan y darpariaethau adolygedig.

New teachers get support23/06/2014 15:23

Access to high quality induction and support for new teachers is under threat as a result of the Coalition Government’s deregulation drive, NQTs have heard.

NASUWT Scotland Conference Extra 201410/06/2014 16:50

A round-up of all the debate from the NASUWT's Scotland Annual Conference 2014.

NASUWT supporting UAF National Conference10/06/2014 11:33

Conference 2014 registration: £12 / £6 students and concs. Limited free places available for students and migrant communities - see UAF website for more info.

Contact your MP through the NASUWT website10/06/2014 9:02

The NASUWT website allows members to contact their MP about any issue important to them. Customise your letter and send it to their inbox instantly.

NASUWT supports calls to get global education goals back on track06/06/2014 18:02

International community must recommit to its vision of education for all

Teachers' Pensions Latest16/05/2014 8:42

Get the latest news and information on NASUWT's teachers' pensions strategy.

Mental Health Awareness Week12/05/2014 12:18

The NASUWT has produced a range of resources related to mental health and mental health awareness, as well as publications related to mental health issues, in the last few years.

From the ashes in Ukraine30/04/2014 11:04

The situation facing teachers and their unions is extremely difficult following the brutal violence witnessed in the country in recent months, says Dr Patrick Roach

Casualisation is threatening the teaching profession, warns EI head15/04/2014 11:40

Read an exclusive interview with Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of Education International.

Industrial action - Action Short of Strike Action - Standing Up For Standards25/03/2014 15:41

Get the latest news, information and resources on the current NASUWT industrial action - action short of strike action - which is seeking to protect teachers' pay, job security, pensions and put downward pressure on workload.

'Take action to stamp out racism' says NASUWT on World Anti-Racism Day21/03/2014 16:03

Ministers must honour their commitment to stamp out the racism which is a blight on our schools

Industrial Action By Other Unions - Advice for NASUWT members19/03/2014 11:09

This advice applies to NASUWT members where other trades unions are taking action.

Professional update28/02/2014 9:35

Advice and guidance for members in Scotland on Professional Update.

Advice on Adverse Weather and School Closures17/02/2014 16:10

The NASUWT recognises the difficulties being faced by teachers who are directly affected by the extreme weather conditions, both in their workplaces and at home.


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