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Read the latest news concerning NASUWT throughout the four member nations of the UK.
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Disabled teachers' rights 'must be respected'01/07/2016 9:40

NASUWT members at the largest-ever annual Disabled Teachers Conference have been told their rights have to be respected.

College of Teaching30/06/2016 15:34

NASUWT has confirmed its preference for the proposals published by the Claim Your College Coalition.

Ending Female Genital Mutilation: starting the revolution15/06/2016 12:35

NASUWT is supporting Amnesty International's campaign to help end female genital mutilation in Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone

Campaign to secure racial justice launched27/05/2016 16:12

The NASUWT has launched a major national campaign to secure racial justice in schools and communities.

NASUWT supports the Reclaim the Internet campaign27/05/2016 12:26

The NASUWT is supporting a new national campaign launched to 'Reclaim the Internet' and tackle online abuse.

NASUWT pledges support for Let Refugees Learn campaign26/05/2016 14:53

The NASUWT is supporting the campaign from Refugee Action to Let Refugees Learn.

NASUWT Scotland Annual Conference 201624/05/2016 11:25

A round up of the main motions and speeches from NASUWT's 2016 Scotland Annual Conference

NASUWT Northern Ireland Annual Conference 201623/05/2016 16:05

A round-up of the main motions and speeches from the NASUWT's 2016 Northern Ireland Annual Conference

Imprisoned Iranian teacher temporarily free on bail18/05/2016 10:19

Esmail Abdi has been released on bail after spending months behind bars.

The NASUWT issues May Day call for release of Iranian teachers17/05/2016 18:19

The NASUWT has added its name to a May Day campaign calling on the Iranian government to release two Iranian teacher union leaders.

NASUWT supports International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT)17/05/2016 11:34

The NASUWT is supporting the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

Health check your school11/05/2016 12:22

The NASUWT has created easy-to-use online checklists for members to test whether their school policies are fit for purpose and are supporting teachers to focus on teaching and learning.

Contact your MP through the NASUWT website09/05/2016 13:01

The NASUWT website allows members to contact their MP about any issue important to them. Customise your letter and send it to their inbox instantly.

NASUWT raises concerns over tax relief changes for supply teachers06/05/2016 11:42

The NASUWT has written to the Chancellor to raise concerns over changes to tax relief for supply teachers.

Sexual harassment in schools - a teacher's story05/05/2016 11:49

Following the launch of the first parliamentary inquiry into the scale and impact of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools, an NASUWT member has been helping to raise awareness of the issue.

Cover During Action Short Of Strike Action Instructions - Northern Ireland04/05/2016 13:18

Action instructions for members in Northern Ireland in relation to cover.

Directed Time During Action Short Of Strike Action Instructions - Northern Ireland04/05/2016 12:33

Action instructions for members in Northern Ireland in relation to directed time.

Investing in the Teaching Workforce14/04/2016 10:41

It is highly regrettable that the Executive has failed to reach agreement on the Investing in the Teaching Workforce Scheme before the Assembly Elections.

NASUWT sponsors youth choir from Hampshire12/04/2016 15:03

The NASUWT has supported a youth choir’s dreams of heading to Europe for a tour in Belgium, by providing new uniforms for the group.

Vote For Education (Wales)08/04/2016 10:23

NASUWT is urging members to vote for education in the forthcoming elections.


Showing 1-20 of 74