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On 7 May 2015,  the country will go to the polls to determine the next UK government. This will be one of the most important elections for generations. At the heart of the General Election campaign will be the future of our public services, including education.

Since 2010, teachers throughout the UK have experienced deep cuts to pay, detrimental changes to pension provision, spiraling workload and attacks to their conditions of service. Major structural changes, including widespread privatisation and marketisation of education has been coupled with the relentless denigration of teachers ľ professional competence, status and qualifications, increasing job insecurity and the break-up of the national pay framework.

Children and young people have also suffered as a result of attacks on teachers which are also attacks on the entitlements of children and young people.

Since 2010, many children and young people have lost their entitlement to a quality education, including the right to be taught by qualified teachers and the right to access a broad and balanced curriculum. Access to education has become increasingly dependent on ability to pay, widening educational inequality.

At the General Election, the promise to children and young people is the key challenge to each of the political parties.

At the 2015 General Election, Vote for Education and to secure the promise for all children and young people.

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It is critical that you register to vote first in the 2015 General Election.

Voters in England, Wales and Scotland can register here.

Voters in Northern Ireland can register here

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