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Consultation Responses

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The NASUWT continues to consult with government over issues affecting teachers' working lives. The list below displays the most recent responses from the Union, and links to the actual consultation.


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DENI Budget 2015-16 Consultation Response19/12/2014 8:47

NASUWT response to the DENI draft education budget proposals.

Welsh Government-Ten year plan for the early years, childcare and play workforce17/12/2014 11:15

NASUWT's response to the Welsh Government's ten year plan for the early years, childcare and play workforce in Wales.

Review of Teaching Assistant Standards-Consultation response26/11/2014 11:52

NASUWT's submission to the DfE's review of standards for teaching assistants.

Pensions - NASUWT Consultation Responses04/11/2014 15:24

NASUWT responses to consultations on pensions issues from government and others

NASUWT response-Simplifying the administration of academies17/10/2014 11:26

The NASUWT response to proposals to simplify the administration of acadmeies funding

Consultation response-DELNI-Review of Apprenticeships02/09/2014 15:43

NASUWT's response to a review of apprenticeships in Northern Ireland.

Consultation response-School Development Plans22/08/2014 15:37

NASUWT's response to the Welsh Government's proposals to introduce School Development Plans

Consultation response-proposals to reform addional learning needs support in Wales21/08/2014 15:45

NASUWT's response to proposals to reform the system of support for children and young people with additional learning needs in Wales

Consultation response-Donaldson review of assessment and the National Curriculum in Wales20/08/2014 12:26

NASUWT evidence to the Donaldson Review of assessment and curriculum arrangements in Wales

Consultation response-review of survivor benefits in occupational pension schemes27/06/2014 14:54

NASUWT's response to a Treasury review examining the case for equalising the survivor benefits paid to women and LGBT workers in public sector pension schemes.

NASUWT Response Savings to ESG 2015-16 June 201426/06/2014 12:49

Consultation response by NASUWT.

New guidance for supporting disabled pupils02/06/2014 16:08

New guidance is being produced for schools in Scotland to help ensure pupils with disabilities can get equal access to a high quality education.

Scottish Government-Children & Young People Act (Scotland)04/04/2014 12:14

NASUWT's response to the Scottish Government's Children and Young People Act

Welsh Government-Consultation on school term dates regulations05/03/2014 16:38

The NASUWT's response to proposals from the Welsh Government to introduce powers for ministers to alter school term dates.

Scottish Government-Giving children and young people a sporting chance04/03/2014 14:59

The NASUWT's response to plans for the Scottish Government's first strategy for youth sport.

Consultation response-Public Sector Workforce03/02/2014 12:45

The NASUWT's repsonse to a Welsh Government consultation on a code for public sector workers who find their jobs outsourced to private companies.

Consultation response-Future of the teacher education infrastructure in Northern Ireland03/02/2014 11:27

Action is needed on jobs for trainee teachers in Northern Ireland, the NASUWT has told a review into the future of teacher education.

Consultation Response - Managing and Working with Asbestos12/12/2013 11:54

NASUWT response to the consultation on response.

Northern Ireland CFP Suggested Amendments to the Public Service Pensions Bill, December 2013 (Pensions Latest)04/12/2013 14:08

NASUWT continues to press for better pay and working conditions for teachers in Northern Ireland.

Letter to NASUWT re Additional Information 9 October 2013 Meeting(Pensions Latest), Northern Ireland16/10/2013 15:52

NASUWT continues to press for better pay and working conditions for teachers in Northern Ireland.


Showing 1-20 of 43