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Consultation Responses

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The NASUWT continues to consult with government over issues affecting teachers' working lives. The list below displays the most recent responses from the Union, and links to the actual consultation.


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Consultation response-Education Workforce Council fees22/09/2016 15:19

NASUWT's response to a Welsh Government consultation on proposals to increase the registration fees payable to the Education Workforce Council

Developing black and minority ethnic talent-evidence submission16/09/2016 11:50

NASUWT's evidence submission to a Government-commissioned review into developing black and minority ethnic talent in the workplace

Consultation response-All-Wales Travel Behaviour Code02/03/2016 16:57

The NASUWT comments on the proposals to produce a new All-Wales Travel Behaviour Code

Consultation response-Implementing the English Baccalaureate02/02/2016 11:49

NASUWT's submission to the DfE's consultation on implementing the English Baccalaureate

Consultation response-Education Select Committee inquiry into the supply of teachers01/02/2016 16:57

NASUWT evidence submission to the Education Select Committee's inquiry into the supply of teachers

Consultation response-careers advice, information and guidance01/02/2016 16:37

NASUWT evidence to the House of Commons Education Skills and the Economy Sub-Committee inquiry into careers advice, information and guidance

Consultation response - English Language requirement for public sector workers05/01/2016 15:45

NASUWT's response to a Government consultation on requirements to ensure all public sector workers can speak fluent English

Draft Scottish Budget 2016-17 evidence10/12/2015 12:00

Evidence submitted by the NASUWT to the Holyrood Education Committee on the Scottish budget for 2016-17

Consultation response-Education (Scotland) Bill28/05/2015 11:57

The NASUWT's evidence to the Scottish Parliament on the Education (Scotland) Bill

Consultation response-Welsh Government-Revised Child Poverty Strategy26/02/2015 16:45

NASUWT's response to the Welsh Government's Revised Child Poverty Strategy

Heenan Anderson Commission-NASUWT evidence03/02/2015 11:17

NASUWT's evidence to the Heenan Anderson Commission which has been established by the Labour Party to examine how to address the legacy of inequality in Northern Ireland.

Pensions - NASUWT Consultation Responses21/01/2015 11:23

NASUWT responses to consultations on pensions issues from government and others

DENI Budget 2015-16 Consultation Response19/12/2014 8:47

NASUWT response to the DENI draft education budget proposals.

Welsh Government-Ten year plan for the early years, childcare and play workforce17/12/2014 11:15

NASUWT's response to the Welsh Government's ten year plan for the early years, childcare and play workforce in Wales.

Review of Teaching Assistant Standards-Consultation response26/11/2014 11:52

NASUWT's submission to the DfE's review of standards for teaching assistants.

Consultation response-DELNI-Review of Apprenticeships02/09/2014 15:43

NASUWT's response to a review of apprenticeships in Northern Ireland.

Consultation response-School Development Plans22/08/2014 15:37

NASUWT's response to the Welsh Government's proposals to introduce School Development Plans

Consultation response-proposals to reform addional learning needs support in Wales21/08/2014 15:45

NASUWT's response to proposals to reform the system of support for children and young people with additional learning needs in Wales

Consultation response-Donaldson review of assessment and the National Curriculum in Wales20/08/2014 12:26

NASUWT evidence to the Donaldson Review of assessment and curriculum arrangements in Wales

Consultation response-review of survivor benefits in occupational pension schemes27/06/2014 14:54

NASUWT's response to a Treasury review examining the case for equalising the survivor benefits paid to women and LGBT workers in public sector pension schemes.


Showing 1-20 of 37