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Championing Education

Championing education LogoThe NASUWT is a politically independent trade union representing teachers and headteachers throughout the United Kingdom. The Union has no party political affiliation and is committed to working constructively with Government to secure the best outcomes for schools and public services. Our priorities include:

  • increasing funding in real terms for schools and the share of the national wealth invested in education and training for children and young people aged 3-19 years;
  • ensuring that state education is the first choice for all parents and does not become Hobson’s choice for
    those unable to pay for private education;
  • ensuring that there is no postcode lottery in terms of access for children and young people to education and training opportunities;
  • protecting schools from privatisation and market competition that puts self-interest before public interest;
  • ending the waste of taxpayers’ money spent on contracting with private providers and management consultants;
  • maintaining the national pay and conditions framework for teachers and headteachers as a basis for ensuring that the educational entitlements of every child are delivered and ensure the recognition of trade unions in all state funded schools;
  • safeguarding the welfare of all children, by prohibiting members of the racist and fascist British National Party (BNP), National Front, Combat 18 and English Defence League from working as teachers or serving on school governing bodies;
  • supporting all headteachers to focus on leading teaching and learning as lead practitioners;
  • providing a statutory contractual entitlement for all teachers and headteachers in state funded schools to continuing professional development at all stages in their careers;
  • abolishing the school league tables, which limit access to a broad and balanced education, lead to teaching to the test, and which reduce the quality of information given to parents about the quality of their child’s education;
  • tackling all forms of pupil indiscipline, bullying and harassment in schools and establish a national system for recording and reporting all violent and abusive incidents in schools;
  • investing in extending access to wider services for children and families, which can help to remove barriers to learning and support the most vulnerable children and young people.

The NASUWT is committed to ensuring that its members are fully informed about the policies of each of the political parties and the implications for schools, teachers and education.

Brown booklet - Impact on children and young people

Cuts to public services


'Fact or Fiction' Posters/Leaflets

   coins falling in to a pileDownload resources and get more information on the following key issues:

    Academies (including Academies Resource Pack for local secretaries)

    Free schools


    Public Services

The Health and Safety LogoHealth and safety

The Coalition Government has signaled its intention to deregulate health and safety, with Prime Minister David Cameron making spurious claims about the rise of a so-called 'compensation culture' over the last decade and calling for a regulatory system which does not 'overwhelm businesses with red tape'. 

The NASUWT has serious concerns that the Government's approach will lead to thousands more workers being killed, injured and made ill by their work. The Union believes that regulation must be strengthened, not weakened. 

Lord Young has been appointed to lead a Government review into health and safety legislation.