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Stop The BNP

The NASUWT is committed to tackling racism, fascism and other forms of bigotry in the workplace and the wider society. The NASUWT works with a number of  anti-racist organisations and campaigns including Love Music Hate Racism (new window) and Unite Against Facism (new window)

Recent years have seen a collapse in electoral support for the BNP with the party losing the majority of their councillors. However we must not be complacent. The BNP have not gone away and other groups such as the English Defence League (EDL) have grown in response to the BNP's retreat. The NASUWT will continue to campaign against all groups which seek to promote racist and fascist ideologies.

The NASUWT is campaigning vigorously for the teacher’s contract to be amended in line with those of the police, armed forces and prison service to prevent members of the BNP, EDL, National Front and other violent extremist organisations from working as teachers. 

We are equally strongly pressing for members of these racist and fascist groups to be banned from serving on governing bodies. However, there is an immediate threat posed by those already serving on governing bodies that needs to be addressed.

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