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Support the Robin Hood Tax Campaign

Robin Hood TaxThe Robin Hood Tax campaign needs your help!

The Robin Hood Tax – a small tax on speculation and financial transactions - would provide much needed revenue to protect public services and tackle climate change and poverty. It would also rebalance the finance sector so it serves the real economy, rather than the other way round. In Britain, 31 councils covering 7 million people have supported the campaign run by 117 unions, NGOs and campaign groups and backed by over 265,000 individual supporters. Across Europe, 11 governments are negotiating the implementation of a financial transaction tax (FTT) which is what the Robin Hood Tax is formally known as. 

But progress has stalled because the main champions at European level, the German government, is deep in post-election coalition talks. And the opponents of the tax – George Osborne in the UK and top bankers across Europe – have seized the opportunity to mount a ferocious lobbying attack on those 11 governments to scrap the tax or fill it full of loopholes they can exploit to make even more money. We mustn’t let them win.

The best way to get a Robin Hood Tax here at home is to make sure the European FTT is successfully implemented, so this matters for Britain. Europeans for Financial Reform, the body that speaks up for ordinary people on finance sector reform, has launched an online action which allows you to choose your own message to send to the heads of government and finance ministers of all 11 pro-FTT governments and the key people in the European Commission.

Find out more at http://touchstoneblog.org.uk/2013/11/defend-the-european-robin-hood-tax and take the action at http://www.financialtransactiontax.eu/  

Please do what you can to make sure this message gets out!

The short videos below have been produced by the Robin Hood Tax Campaign to promote the idea of the tax. Please circulate this link to all your colleagues and friends!


"The Banker" starring Bill Nighy                              


"Robin Hoodies" starring Ben Kingsley 


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