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Chris Keates and Christine Blower after signing an historic agreement of joint working

NASUWT is a campaigning trade union that influences government, protects its members' interests and organises across the UK. The Union relies on the participation and feedback of members to shape its campaigns. The current flagship campaign is Standing Up For Standards which focuses on ensuring educational standards remain high by securing for teachers a fair pension, better pay and pay progression, a manageable workload and greater job security.

Standing Up For Standards

Since the election of the Coalition Government in May 2010 there has been a raft of proposed cuts and reforms to the education service and public services across the UK in general, that are resulting in job losses, pay freezes and the potential reduction in the terms, conditions and the professional practice of teachers and other public sector workers. The NASUWT took part in a national day of action on 30 November 2011 with other TUC affiliated trade unions. However the NASUWT is the only teachers' union that has followed this action with nationally coordinated action short of strike action from the 1 December 2011. This action is intended to be pupil and parent friendly action and it is aimed at winning back many of the contractual provisions that have started to be rolled back over the course of the last 18 months.  In the face of these challenges the NASUWT is defending state education and members terms and conditions in general through the Union's Standing up for Standards campaign.

Standing Up For Standards Logo


Reclaim The Classroom


In the last two years, teachers’ professionalism has been under sustained attack.

No other public service workers have been undermined so systematically by constant public criticism by Ministers and their supporters. Almost every day, teachers go to work on a raft of criticism and denigration.

Whilst other professionals are left to get on with the job, teachers are told what to teach, when to teach and how to teach, often by those who don’t teach and in some cases are not even qualified to do so.

Yet despite this, every day teachers do amazing things for the children and young people they teach.

Let’s celebrate your skill and dedication.



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