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Other Courses for Members

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This page provides information on NASUWT Courses as well as links to TUC and Unionlearn courses which members may be interested in. 





Introduction to the NASUWT

This one-day course is open to all members of the NASUWT and is aimed at those wanting to find out more about the Union. If you are interested in getting more active but don’t know how or simply want to understand more about how the Union works, this one-day course will help.

The course gives an overview of the role of the Union, considers the variety of different active roles within the Union and the structure of the NASUWT whilst also considering the issues facing teachers in the workplace.

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Behaviour Management

A suite of courses is being developed to provide NASUWT members and Representatives with comprehensive training in behaviour management. Courses will equip members with a range of practical skills to deal with problematic behaviour within the classroom with sessions looking at motivating pupils, the appropriate use of language, understanding anger and dealing with violence. The importance of a whole school approach is the underlying principle to these courses.

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Workers on the Autism Spectrum and Trade Union Support

A one day NASUWT training course on autism in the workplace for Local Association Officers, Equality Officers, School Representatives and members. 

This course looks at:

  • What is autism? Realities and myths;
  • Making the workplace more autism-friendly
  • Autistic workers, carers and the law.

This one day briefing is for all Union Representatives, Local Association Officers, Equality Officers and members who want to find out more about the Autistic Spectrum (including Asperger's syndrome) and become more confident in dealing with related issues in the workplace.  The day will consist of a mixture of presentations and activities.

Please note - this briefing is not aimed at people whose work is with autistic children, but is for trade unionists who are organising and representing members in the workplace.

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Working Assertively

There are many commercially run assertiveness courses. This course is different in that it teaches assertiveness skills in the context of schools, colleges and trade unions. The course is potentially valuable to everyone, including those who think they don’t need it! Skills acquired on the course are particularly useful to those seeking career progression, those coping with workplace bullying or simply to those who feel that they are not in control of their working lives. The courses are open to all relevant members. There is no course fee and travel expenses are paid.

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Dignity at Work: Your Rights, their Responsibilities

Surveys show that teachers are often subject to bullying in the workplace. This practical course focuses on identifying bullying behaviour and developing personal strategies to deal with bullying. It also considers the legal framework and bullying from an organisational perspective, including how to raise the issue collectively within schools and colleges.

This course is open to members dealing with bullying situations and Representatives who are tackling or wish to tackle  bullying within the workplace.

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TUC Diploma in Employment Law (online)

This course is aimed at more experienced trade union representatives, helping them develop knowledge and understanding of employment law in a trade union context and therefore making them more effective as workplace representatives. Details of this course, including how to apply, can be found here

TUC Diploma in TUC Diploma in Equalities (online)

The Diploma is designed primarily for experienced Trade Union Reps whose role would benefit from a wider understanding of Equality Issues. It is intended to help students understand equality issues in the workplace, current equality legislation and how it can be applied. Details of this course, including how to apply, can be found here.

Stress Management

The NASUWT is taking an exciting and proactive approach to stress management by piloting a training and development opportunity. The training seeks to dispel some of the traditional myths about stress, and will focus on the wellbeing of the individual teacher, by providing opportunities for individuals to explore their own responses to stressful situations, thus developing their self-awareness, and encouraging participants to identify their own strategies to build up their resilience.

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Health and Safety Management

Senior managers in schools and colleges carry responsibility for the effective management of health and safety. If teachers, other employees and pupils are to be safe and healthy whilst in schools and colleges, senior managers need to develop and implement appropriate management strategies.

This one-day course introduces NASUWT members with senior management responsibility to the knowledge and skills needed in this important area. The course is built around ‘Five Steps to Successful Safety Management’.

The course is offered at Hillscourt Education Centre and some Regional/National Centres.

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School Governors

Governing bodies have significant power to affect the working lives of teachers.

This course offers teachers who serve on governing bodies (either as teacher governors or in any other capacity) the opportunity to learn how the law applies to the composition and operation of school governing bodies in England and Wales and how to operate effectively within a governing body.

A particular aim of the course is to enable teacher governors to resist attempts to prevent their full participation in the deliberations of governors. The course is open to any NASUWT member who is a governor of a school in any capacity.

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Train and Accredit New Tutors

The NASUWT’s training programme is delivered by activists and accredited via the Open College Network. This course explains the NASUWT training programme, educational methodologies and familiarises participants with the skills and strategies required to deliver successful training courses. The course also considers the Open College Network accreditation system and the role of tutors in this process.

Training Officers' Briefing

This is an annual event for NASUWT lay tutors. The briefing will bring lay tutors up to date with changes that impact upon training for NASUWT Representatives and allow discussion of the NASUWT training strategy. It is essential that all active Training Officers attend this event.  The next Training Officers' Briefing will take place on Thursday 23 October 2014 at Rednal. Contact the Conferences and Events team to book your place. 

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Seminars for Members

Other seminars for members are run on a regular basis and focus on a topic of interest to NASUWT members.  They are led by practicing teachers and other experts. The seminars are free to members and travel expenses will be paid.