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Performance Management for Representatives in England

This model performance management policy and commentary has been prepared by the NASUWT for use by the Union’s Representatives and members in England as the basis for in-school discussions where schools seek to make changes to existing performance management arrangements.

NASUWT members have been engaged in national industrial action since 1 December 2011 to defend the current provisions of performance management, which ensure that the process is fair and transparent and protects the interests of teachers. This model policy and NASUWT commentary should be considered in the context of the NASUWT National Action Short of Strike Action Instructions, which have been distributed to all schools and can be downloaded from the NASUWT industrial action website on www.nasuwt.org.uk/IndustrialAction.

The Coalition Government has introduced new ‘permissive’ performance management regulations, with effect from 1 September 2012. These regulations change fundamentally the purpose of performance management from being developmental and supportive to being punitive, with a direct link to formal capability
procedures. They also seek to remove the limit on classroom observation, which has been an essential and important provision in assisting in challenging school managers who impose excessive punitive, debilitating classroom monitoring on teachers.

As the regulations introduced by the Coalition Government are ‘permissive’, there is in fact no requirement for any school to change its current performance management arrangements to incorporate the new regulations. 

NASUWT Representatives must not agree to any changes to existing performance management policies and procedures that are not consistent with the NASUWT model policy and advice in the NASUWT commentary. Failure to agree with the Employer all the provisions in the model policy must be referred immediately to the NASUWT National Executive Member for the area concerned or to the Regional Centre.

The model policy is in black typeface and under each section of the model policy is the NASUWT’s commentary in blue typeface, which provides advice on the key issues to be considered when discussing a performance management policy. A copy of the model policy, either with or without the NASUWT commentary, can be downloaded from the 'Resources' box on the right-hand side of this page.

The NASUWT model policy is designed to be an ‘off-the-shelf’ model and conforms with the statutory requirements under the Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal) (England) Regulations 2012 (new window).