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National Joint Council for Local Government Services National Agreement on Pay and Conditions (Green Book)

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services National Agreement on Pay and Conditions (Green Book) provides for the implementation of the agreement between the national Employers and the trade unions to introduce a new national agreement in place of the Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical staff (APT&C) handbook (Purple Book) and the Manual handbook (regionally variable colours) and merges the existing negotiating machinery for APT&C and Manual Workers. The Green Book covers employees of local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and of other authorities of equivalent status (other than those employees covered by other national negotiating machinery), including:

  • teachers working in Local Authorities who work in nursery settings;
  • nursery employees working directly with children in classrooms up to the age of seven;
  • nursery employees working with children attending a special school;
  • nursery employees working with children with statements of special educational needs; 
  • schools’ retained employees;
  • technicians; and 
  • social workers.

A copy of the Green Book can be viewed on request from your employer. Members needing further information or assistance should contact their NASUWT Regional Centre or National Centre.. The agreement contains the following sections:

Implementation Agreement 1997

Implementation Agreement 2004

Annex Assimilation Table

Part 1 Principles

Annex Constitution

Part 2 Key National Provisions

  1. Equalities
  2. Official Conduct
  3. Training and Development
  4. Health, Safety and Welfare
  5. Pay and Grading
  6. Working Time
  7. Leave
  8. Part Time Employees
  9. Temporary Employees
  10. Sickness Scheme
  11. Maternity Scheme
  12. Car Allowances
  13. Reimbursement of Expenditure
  14. Continuous Service
  15. Period of Notice to Terminate Employment
  16. Grievance Procedures
  17. Disciplinary Procedures
  18. Trade Union Facilities
  19. London and Fringe Area Allowances

Part 3 Other National Provisions

  1. Pay and Grading
  2. Working Arrangements
  3. Training and Development - section Deleted see Part 4.8
  4. Sickness Scheme
  5. Child Care and Dependants
  6. Car Allowances
  7. Payments to Employees in the Event of Death or Permanent Disablement Arising from Assault
  8. Meals and Accommodation Charges
  9. Schools Retained Employees and Nursery Employees


Appendix 1: Transitional Provisions
Appendix 2: Retained Employees and Nursery Employees in Nursery Establishments

Part 4 Joint Advice

Part 4.1 Job Evaluation Scheme
Part 4.2 Equal Opportunities
Part 4.3 Guidance on Appeals
Part 4.4 Equal Pay and Grading Guidance
Part 4.5 Guidance on Maternity Related and Work Life Balance Issues
Part 4.6 Model Parental Leave Scheme
Part 4.7 Management of Health & Safety
Part 4.8 Guidance on Local Workforce Development Plans
Part 4.9 Guidance on Pay and Grading Reviews
Part 4.10 Equal Pay Audits
Part 4.11 Equality Impact Assessments

Pay and Allowances Card


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