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Adding to your Teachers' Pension

You can increase the amount of pension benefits that you and your dependants will receive by buying additional pension benefits in the Teachers' Pension Scheme. This increases the index linked pensions benefit available to you, and your dependants if you so choose, when you retire from teaching.

The previous provisions for the purchase of Past Added Years and Current Added Years have been replaced with the option to purchase Additional Pension Benefits (APBs) from 1.1.07. As a result, no further elections for the purchase of Past Added Years will be accepted by TP, only elections for Additional Pension Benefits.

Further details of the provisions for purchasing Additional Pension Benefits can be found on the Teachers' Pensions (new window) website.

As an alternative to the purchase of Additional Pension Benefits you can add to your teacher’s pension in other ways including:

  • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) to the Teachers' Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme through its in-house provider, the Prudential (new window), or by contacting:

Teachers' AVC Department

To talk to Prudential about starting Teachers' AVCs or changing* your current contributions levels, call 0845 0700 007. For all other general enquiries about an existing Teachers' AVC, call 0845 6000 343.

  •  Making Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions (FSAVCs) to an alternative provider.

The money you pay is invested for you by the AVC Company and the benefits you receive depend on the value of the investment and the cost of annuities when you retire.

  • The Teachers' National Stakeholder Pension Scheme(part of the TUC Stakeholder scheme). 

A stakeholder pension is a type of personal pension. The Government has laid down minimum standards that a stakeholder pension must meet for your protection. The Teaching Unions have chosen Prudential to run the Teachers National Stakeholder Pension Scheme (TNSPS). For further information call 0845 070 6666.

  • By making your own investment in company shares, government stocks, property etc.

NASUWT members are strongly advised to take financial advice before making a decision involving any, or a combination of, the above.

*Advice to teachers considering a transfer of their Teachers' Additional Voluntary Contributions:

Since the changes in pensions legislation in 2006, a number of teachers have been advised by some financial advisers to transfer their Teachers' AVCs to a self-invested personal pension, or SIPP, which allows direct investment in a wider range of assets. Before transferring any funds out of the Teachers' AVC scheme, teachers should consider the Additional Voluntary Contributions: Options for those currently contributing to the Prudential AVC facility, guidance prepared by Hewitt Associates, Consulting Actuaries, specifically for the Teachers' Panel of the Teachers' Superannuation Working Party.

Further Pensions Information

Further advice on specific pension issues is available by clicking the appropriate link in the Further Pensions Information menu on the right hand side of this page.

Members needing further information or assistance should contact the Wales National Centre.