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Performance Management in Wales

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The Welsh Government's arrangements for performance management (PM) in Wales took effect from September 2012. NASUWT members should read the NASUWT Performance Management Practical Guide Wales (Bilingual).

Further NASUWT advice on performance management/appraisal in the 'Performance Management in Wales' box on the right-hand side of the page. 

Members should be aware that the NASUWT National Action Instructions remain firmly in place and should be adhered to, especially in terms of lesson observation.

The Welsh Government's PM guidance has not been endorsed by the NASUWT or any of the teacher unions. The NASUWT has, however, welcomed some
aspects of the guidance, notably the acceptance that:

  • the practicing teacher standards (PTS) should only be used as a backdrop to PM;
  • regard should be taken of the contractual entitlement to a work/life balance when setting objectives;
  • the review meeting and appraisal statement cannot form any part of any formal disciplinary, competency or capability procedure.

NASUWT members have been engaged in national industrial action since 1 December 2011 to ensure that performance management is being applied in schools and that the process is fair, transparent and protects the interests of teachers.

The NASUWT has prepared a Model Performance Management Policy and Commentary (Wales) for use by the Union’s Representatives and members as the basis for in-school discussions where schools seek to make changes to existing performance management arrangements. They should be read in conjunction with the latest NASUWT joint advice on performance management/appraisal and the NASUWT National Action Short of Strike Action Instructions (Wales), which have been distributed to all schools and can be downloaded from the NASUWT industrial action website.

The School Teacher Appraisal (Wales) Regulations 2011 (new window) replace the School Teacher Appraisal (Wales) Regulations 2002 (new window). The new Regulations have the potential to change fundamentally the purpose of performance management from being developmental and supportive to being a much more punitive and judgemental process.

NASUWT negotiators have been advised not to agree to any local authority or school policy which has provisions outwith the NASUWT advice and Model Performance Management Policy and Commentary (Wales). Even if the policy has all the features the Union might want, there should be no agreement that any aspect of the NASUWT's action instructions would be varied or lifted.