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Pay in Northern Ireland



The NASUWT also provides advice on Pensions and Conditions of Service in Northern Ireland.

Teachers' Pay

The 2015 Pay Award

The NASUWT considers it to be a disgrace that teachers have not yet received their 2015 pay award. 

The Union's correspondence to the Minister of Education about the 2015 pay award calls on him to reject the British Government’s proposed average 1% pay cap for public service workers, including teachers, and makes the case for a substantial pay award for all teachers and principals from September 2015. NI Bulletins on pay, industrial action, Computer Based Assessments, pensions and more can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

The 2014 Pay Award

On 24 July 2015, the Department of Education announced an increase of 1% in salary rates from 1 September 2014, which will be backdated for teachers' in Northern Ireland. 

The Department published the 2014 pay scales in Circular 2015/18 Teachers' Pay and Allowances from 1 September 2014 (new window), but a significant number of the pay values were not uplifted by the full one per cent pay increase since 2013. The NASUWT Teachers' Pay Scales (Northern Ireland) 2013-14 therefore includes the pay scales which have been published by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland (DENI). The values marked by an asterisk fall short of the full one per cent uplift which should have been applied.

Pay Scales

The current Teachers Pay Scales (Northern Ireland) are available in the 'Resources' box on the top right hand side of this page. Teachers' Pay Scales and information on Teaching Allowances are set out in Circular 2015/18 Teachers' Pay and Allowances from 1 September 2014 (new window). The Employers have also issued further Guidance on Teaching Allowances (new window)

Threshold and Upper Pay Spine Progression

All of the Threshold and UPS Pay Scale progression documents are available in the Teachers' pay and conditions (new window) section of the DENI website.

Family Friendly Rights

Documents outlining family friendly rights for teachers can be found in the Leave of absence (new window) section of the DENI website, including:

The NI Direct website provides more general information and guidance on work and family rights for Working Parents and Families (new window), including specific advice and guidance on Pregnancy and Maternity Rights in the workplace (new window).

The NASUWT produces guidance for members with children on the provisions for maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave. The guidance also contains information on rights to time off for family and domestic reasons.

Members have the right to apply to work flexibly under the terms of the Flexible Working Scheme (TNC 2009/6) (new window) where they have worked continuously for 26 weeks (6 months) as a teacher in Northern Ireland at the date the application is made. This is no longer restricted to just parents and carers. An employee can only make one statutory request in any 12 month period.

The NASUWT successfully negotiated the opportunity for teachers to participate in salary sacrifice schemes for childcare vouchers/benefits, cycles for work and mobile phones.  Circular 2006/27 Teachers' Pay and Allowances from 1 September 2006 and 1 September 2007 (new window).

Temporary workers and substitute teachers

The NASUWT provides advice on the rights of Substitute (Supply) Teachers, Teachers who work on a temporary basis or fixed-term contracts and Teachers working for employment agencies

Further information or assistance

Members needing further information or assistance should contact the Northern Ireland National Centre.

Northern Ireland Pay Claim

NI Representatives Bulletins

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