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Teaching Assistant

The NASUWT works at school, local and national level to ensure that the interests of members working on terms and conditions not set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) are represented effectively and that their particular needs and concerns are reflected in the development of its policy its advice and guidance.

While all staff working in schools, colleges and settings across the United Kingdom face many similar issues and concerns, the NASUWT understands that non-STPCD staff face particular challenges that the varied, demanding and highly important nature of their roles create.

Tackling the workload and enhancing the pay and career prospects of non-STPCD staff are key priorities for the NASUWT. In England and Wales, the contractual changes introduced by the National Agreement, Raising Standards and Tackling Workload, and the workforce remodelling agenda are creating opportunities to transform approaches to the organisation and deployment of the workforce to enhance the working conditions of all staff in schools and make use of the skills, knowledge and experience of the school workforce in the provision of high quality learning experiences for pupils.

These important objectives for the NASUWT apply equally in Scotland and Northern Ireland and the NASUWT’s activities, while reflecting the particular circumstances and context of the education systems in each nation, are also based on an understanding of the urgent need meet the needs and concerns of members with terms and conditions of employment beyond those that apply typically to teachers, headteachers and principals.

Links to the NASUWT’s most recent policy and guidance materials of particular interest to members employed on these terms and conditions can be found on this page. These materials highlight the Union’s position as powerful and effective voice for members as they all reflect and address the direct experiences and concerns of its staff in front-line role in schools and colleges. It is only through the active participation of members that the Union’s vital work in this respect can be sustained. By taking advantage of the many opportunities to get involved in the work of the NASUWT, members will ensure that their Union can continue to protect and advance their interests and those of their colleagues.