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Newly Qualified Teachers

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The NASUWT welcomes new teachers to the profession. The offer of free membership for students extends to newly qualified teachers who decide to join the NASUWT or convert their student membership to full newly qualified teacher membership. As a member of NASUWT you will be entitled to a range of services to support your career.

New teacher seminars

Book your place on one of the NASUWT's Preparing for your Teaching Post summer seminars now

A major element of the NASUWT newly qualified teachers' support package are the free seminars the Union provides for new teachers. 

The NASUWT currently run seminars for new teachers at 3 key periods within the first year after qualification. 

Every July and August all NASUWT newly qualified members are invited to attend our free Preparing For Your First Teaching Post one-day seminars after completing their training but prior to taking up their first teaching post.  The seminars aim to give new teachers the confidence to arrive at school for the first day of their new career believing that they are properly equipped to deal with any situation they may be faced with. 13 seminars take place at venues throughout the UK.

The NASUWT also hold new teacher seminars in November every year after new teachers first term in the classroom and then a seminar in June of every year after new teachers have completed an academic year of teaching. 


Get Involved In NASUWT

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How to contact the NASUWT

The NASUWT has an excellent network of local officers, regional staff and legal advisors which means that there is always somebody there to give advice to newly qualified teachers. It is important that NASUWT newly qualified members know who their Local Association Secretary and National Executive Member are as well as having the contact details for the appropriate Regional/National Centre.

Discounted membership subscription rates for Newly Qualified Teacher's

NASUWT recognises that the last thing new teachers want to be worrying about is finance. We also recognise the importance of new teachers receiving first-class legal and professional cover as they enter the profession. The NASUWT therefore offers specially discounted rates to all newly qualified members taking up the benefits of NASUWT full membership, to find out more go to Reductions for New Teachers.

News and Resources


The NASUWT produces a comprehensive package of support for newly qualified members of the Union. The support the Union provides includes highly informative guidance publications and are predominately nation specific;

  • The NASUWT's Induction Planner, provides guidance to new teachers embarking on their new teaching careers on the induction process that they will have to go through once they have gained a suitable post. The Induction Planners are nation specific and hold information about each nations specific Induction/Probation systems for new teachers;
  • The NASUWT has produced guidance to support Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) in England in the use of the Teachers’ Standards to assess their progress and performance at the end of the statutory period of induction. Visit the Teachers Standards in Induction page to access this information.
  • Starting Out' which offers important advice about starting out in a teaching career; 
  • Sink or Swim: Learning lessons from newly qualified and recently qualified teachers: Is NASUWT commissioned research into the experiences of new teachers in recent years.

Have Your Say

Social networking

The NASUWT encourages all new teachers to join the Union's social networks by liking the NASUWT Facebook pages and following the Union and the General Secretary on Twitter. At the same time the Union are keen to ensure that new teacher members are aware of the practicalities of using social networking sites now that you are practitioners, as such the NASUWT has worked with Childnet International (new window) to support the production of guidance for NQTs and Trainee Teachers on social networking. The guides are designed to support your personal use of social networking sites, keeping you, your students, and your job safe. They will help you understand the e-safety issues within schools, as well as find advice for your own use of technology. There are two guides: Social Networking- a guide for Trainee Teachers and NQTs and Teachers and Technology- a checklist for Trainees and NQTs.

Finding Your First Teaching Post Resources


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