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The NASUWT has commissioned a range of research reports on issues affecting teachers' working lives.

These can be viewed and downloaded below.

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Research examines impact of reforms to teachers’ pay in schools in England01/04/2015 15:37

This research is important to the NASUWT’s continuing campaign to secure a pay system for teachers that is fair and non-discriminatory.

World Class Schools13/10/2014 16:06

Securing quality education entitlements for all children and young people.

Free Schools, Equality and Inclusion15/09/2014 10:00

Information and advice on the free schools programme.

Supply Teachers - A Survey Of Their Experiences 201411/08/2014 12:11

A report examining some of the challenges and issues facing supply teachers.

The Big Question 2014 - Report11/08/2014 12:10

An opinion survey of teachers and school leaders in the UK.

Building Schools For The Future - Research In Brief20/06/2014 9:53

NASUWT research into the abolition of the Building Schools For the Future programme.

Research - Teachers’ satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace08/05/2014 10:20

Research on teachers' satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace.

Maintaining World Class Schools10/05/2013 8:41

Maintaining World Class Schools is an invitation to debate the future and to build upon our success as an education nation.

Benchmarking the English school system against the best in the world09/05/2013 14:43

what are the benefits and limitations of international comparative evidence and what do the key benchmarks actually reveal about the true nature of performance of a country’s pupils, teachers, schools or the education system as a whole?

ICT in secondary schools21/09/2012 9:54

Report examining the views and experiences of teachers on the impact of school budget cuts and curriculum changes on the teaching of ICT.

Ethnic Minority Achievement31/08/2012 12:19

Rsearch into the impact of the removal of dedicated funding for ethnic minority pupils and students with English as an additional language

Wales classroom observation survey24/08/2012 10:03

A survey of teachers in Wales on their experiences and views of classroom observation

Ofsted inspection-the experiences of teachers and school leaders10/04/2012 15:23

Teachers and school leaders' experiences of Ofsted

Supply teachers-a survey of their experiences10/04/2012 15:18

A report examining some of the challenges and issues facing supply teachers

Workplace bullying in schools and colleges10/04/2012 15:10

A survey of NASUWT members into workplace bullying of teachers in schools and colleges

Excessive classroom temperatures10/04/2012 15:04

A report examining the findings of a survey of NASUWT members on excessive classroom temperatures

Reflection, Renewal and Reality: Teachers' Experience of Special Educational Needs and Inclusion20/03/2012 12:20

The main aim of the research was to explore how teachers are experiencing policy and practice for SEN and inclusion in their schools.

Raising Standards? A survey of the working conditions of teachers in Northern Ireland18/11/2011 17:15

An examination of the key drivers of excessive workload in schools in Northern Ireland and the impact on teacher morale and job satisfaction

Phonics screening survey18/11/2011 17:10

A survey of teachers' attitudes to and persepctives on the introduction of a phonics screening check for primary pupils at the end of year one.

Prejudice-related bullying research18/11/2011 16:55

A study into the experiences of prejudice-related bullying amongst teachers and headteachers


Showing 1-20 of 29