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Accountability and Inspection

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The NASUWT believes that inspection systems should report on achievements and how schools can build pathways to success. The Union will continue to campaign for this model of supportive and developmental inspection rather than the punitive, high-stakes systems that currently exist across much  of the UK.



Inspect The Inspector Campaign

NASUWT has launched a campaign for members to evaluate the performance of inspectors.

Inspectors Inspected Report

Inspectors Inspected (Bilingual)

Advice and guidance on the Pupil Premium

The NASUWT has produced advice and guidance for teachers and school leaders on effective and acceptable approaches to the use of the Pupil Premium. The advice can be accessed here.

Changes to assessment and accountability measures for primary schools and 16-19 provision

The Coalition Government has confirmed a number of changes to the assessment and accountability measures for judging the performance of primary schools and 16-19 provision. The NASUWT will issue guidance to members that take account of these changes. 

Primary school floor targets

Currently, 85% of pupils are expected to achieve at least level 4 c in English and mathematics. Under the new system, at least 85% of pupils will be expected to achieve a standard closer to the present 4b level.

The Coalition Government has confirmed that grammar, punctuation and spelling test will not form part of the primary floor standard in 2014.

Early years baseline assessment

A new baseline assessment undertaken during reception will be introduced. This will sit within teachers’ broader ongoing assessments of children’s development and progress throughout reception. The reception baseline will be used to assess schools’ progress for children who start reception in September 2016 and beyond. Schools that choose not to use an approved baseline assessment from 2016 will be judged on the 85% attainment standard alone.

From September 2016, the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile will no longer be compulsory. The Early Years Foundation Stage will continue to be statutory and the basis for Ofsted inspection of early year settings including children in school nursery and reception classes.

16-19 accountability measures

The performance of all 16-19 providers will be judged using five headline measures of performance.  These headline measures include: progress measures; attainment measures; retention measures; English and mathematics progress measures for those who do not achieve good grades at age 16; and destination measures.

Regional Schools Commissioners

The NASUWT has submitted evidence to the House of Commons Education Select Committee Inquiry into Regional Schools Commissioners. The evidence can be viewed here.

Below are the latest statements made by NASUWT on inspection and accountability.