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Wellbeing at Work: Workplace Survey

Although the online Wellbeing at Work Survey is designed for completion by individual members, the Union recognises that Local Secretaries may also wish to survey members within specific workplaces where wellbeing concerns are raised.

To assist with this the Union has, in addition to the online survey, produced a hard copy version of the survey which will enable Local Secretaries to authorise release of the survey to members in specific workplaces.

The survey investigates issues relating to:

  • the demands of your work;
  • the amount of control you have over your work;
  • the amount of support you receive at work;
  • the working relationships you have with colleagues;
  • your experience of pupil behaviour;
  • your role at work;
  • your involvement in workplace changes;
  • the pressures and stresses associated with your work.

By making the survey available in hard copy it is possible for Local Secretaries to choose to survey members on all sections of the survey or only those sections that are relevant to the concerns of members in the workplace.

The document can only be accessed by Local Secretaries who have logged into the website. If you are a Local Secretary and have already logged into this website you will see a pdf link in the right hand box. Please use this link to access the document.

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