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The Union produces health and safety advice for Health and Safety Representatives in all four NASUWT member nations.

Teachers looking for information about health and safety in schools may also find this section useful.

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European Health and Safety Week is coming27/08/2014 16:06

European Health and Safety Week takes place from Monday 20 October

Fatalities at work fall, but work-related deaths are up01/08/2014 11:58

The number of workplace fatalities in Britain last year fell to the lowest annual rate on record, but deaths overall increased markedly as asbestos cancer deaths soared.

Performance-related pay ‘bad for health’08/07/2014 12:00

Performance-related pay is bad for workers’ health, a new study has found.

HSE must commercialise, say ministers07/07/2014 15:12

Ministers have accepted a recommendation that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) remains an independent regulator, but have said the watchdog must increase its commenrcial activities.

EU health and safety strategy ‘weak and insubstantial’03/07/2014 15:35

The European Commission’s new strategy for occupational health and safety has been criticised as “weak and insubstantial” by international trade union leaders.

Nearly a third of schools in HSE survey failing to properly manage asbestos25/06/2014 11:35

Nearly a third of schools outside local authority control are failing to manage asbestos safely, according to a Health and Safety Executive survey.

Asbestos removal call at Wales TUC18/06/2014 15:23

The NASUWT has called for the complete removal of asbestos from all school buildings in Wales to safeguard the health and safety of pupils and school staff.

Health and Safety Changes since 201019/05/2014 11:42

Changes to health and safety regulation relating to schools since the Coalition Government came into office.

Battle for equality being undermined by Government cuts17/03/2014 15:39

The health, safety and wellbeing of women is being seriously undermined by the Coalition Government’s programme of attacks and cuts, the NASUWT has told this year’s TUC’s Women’s Conference.

NASUWT Health and Safety Briefing, March 201414/03/2014 10:18

The latest news and updates on health and safety.

Sickness decline disproves ‘sick culture’ claims06/03/2014 16:47

The average number of working days lost to sickness absence has fallen dramatically over the last 20 years, official figures show.

Mesothelioma Bill falls short of what is needed, NASUWT believes23/01/2014 12:08

A compensation plan for people who contract mesothelioma does not go far enough to support victims, the NASUWT believes.

Manifesto sets out call for safety improvements07/01/2014 9:19

Regular safety inspections and a maximum temperature in the workplace are some of the improvements which the TUC is calling for in a new ten point safety manifesto.

NASUWT repsonds to consultation on the HSE31/07/2013 12:03

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) must be better resourced and supported to be able to ensure higher levels of workplace safety, the NASUWT has argued in its response to a Government review of the watchdog’s functions and governance.

Asbestos risk five times higher in the young28/06/2013 15:50

Pressure is building on ministers to act over the issue of asbestos in schools after a Government commissioned panel of experts concluded that children are at more risk from exposure to asbestos than adults.

Excessive classroom temperatures-what you can do24/05/2013 12:10

If excessive temperatures are a problem in your school there are a number of actions you can take to ease the problem.

Managing your mental health and wellbeing24/05/2013 11:50

A report designed to provide individual teachers and school leaders throughout the United Kingdom with positive practical advice that will help them to manage and protect their mental health and wellbeing.

NASUWT acts to support school staff over asbestos15/11/2012 15:15

The NASUWT has created a register to assist those worried about exposure to asbestos in schools across the UK.


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