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Political Fund

The NASUWT is a non party political organisation. Contributions made by members to this Fund do not represent a donation or affiliation fee to any political party

The Political Fund is a campaign fund to enable the NASUWT to lobby for the amendment of legislation and to publicise the point of view of its members.

Because the Union is required to have this fund in order to be able to campaign, within the law, on issues that affect the pay and conditions of service of teachers, all members are strongly encouraged to contribute to this fund.

A full time member paying a full subscription will contribute £1.20 to the NASUWT Political Fund. Members joining the Union during the year will contribute to the fund on a pro rate basis.

Standing Up For StandardsAll members, other than those in Northern Ireland, are deemed to have opted into the Political Fund unless they specifically opt out. Because of legislative differences, members in Northern are required to specifically opt into this element of the Union’s subscription.


Key Points

The Political Fund is not:

  • a donation to a political party;
  • an affiliation fee paid to a political party.

The Political Fund is required to:

  • lobby for the amendment of legislation;
  • campaign on issues that effect the pay and conditions of members.