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Full subscription rates


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Free membership for

• New members
• Student members
• Newly Qualified Teachers



New Members – Free membership

Any teacher joining the NASUWT for the first time will receive 12 months of FREE membership providing they agree to make future payments by direct debit and provide bank details.

Join NASUWT online, or  call our Membership Team on 03330 145550.

Student and School Direct – Free membership

 NASUWT provides FREE membership to student teachers for the duration of the training. If you are about to start or are currently undertaking your initial teacher training, it is vital that you join a teacher trade union.

Join NASUWT online, or  call our Membership Team on 03330 145550.

Newly Qualified Teachers and Teach First – Free membership

A newly teacher qualifying in 2016, wouldn’t pay the full subscription rate until 2019.

Recently qualified teachers and students in their final year who either join NASUWT as full members or convert their student membership can benefit from the following offer:
• FREE NASUWT membership for the calendar year in which you qualify.
• If an agreement is made to make future payments by direct debit, you will receive free membership for the next calendar year.
• Membership for the subsequent year would be 50% of the full membership rate.

Join NASUWT online, or  call our Membership Team on 03330 145550.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a teacher working full time is £13.95 a month or £167 a year and less for part time teachers, depending on the contracted hours of work. There are No hidden fees or local levies so you can rest assured that NASUWT is the cheapest and best value for money teachers’ trade union.
Click HERE to view a full list subscription rates.

Discounted membership for Members on Maternity Leave

The NASUWT offers discounted membership for members going on maternity leave. To discuss the options members should telephone the Membership Team on 03330 145550 between 8.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

Why choose NASUWT?

  • Our subscription rate is the lowest of the teacher unions
  • No hidden local or national fees or levees
  • reduced rates for part time teachers
  • Subscriptions have remained the same for the last 5 years
  • tax relief on their subscriptions.

Members should also note that any adjustment to membership subscriptions can only be back dated for 2 years.

Where members seek a refund of subscriptions arising from overpayment, the Union will consider refunds for the current and prior year only.


Experiencing problems with your NASUWT Membership

NASUWT members who have experienced problems with the Union or paying their subscriptions and are considering leaving the Union should refer to the Union's Resignation Advice page for further guidance.