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Full subscription rates


The NASUWT often offers various reduced subscriptions offers for new members joining the Union throughout the year.  The NASUWT also offers FREE student membership and Reductions for New Teachers.


Any teachers joining the NASUWT for the first time will receive 12 months of free membership from the point they join the Union. This is reliant on the joining member providing direct debit details for payment of future subscriptions at the point of joining. Student and newly qualified teachers should refer to the separate offers the NASUWT runs for these teachers. 

To take advantage of this membership offer, teachers can either Join NASUWT online, or  make one hassle - free call to our Membership Team on 03330 145550 (choosing option 2).

Anybody who would prefer to download an application form and direct debit instruction from the relevant pages should fully complete and return them to; The 

NASUWT, Membership Department, Hillscourt Education Centre, Rose Hill, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 8RS.

To find out what the NASUWT subscription rates are for the current year, download a copy of the Union's subscription rates from the resources section of this page. 

All NASUWT subscription payments can be made in monthly instalments .

Where members seek a refund of subscriptions arising from overpayment, the Union will consider refunds for the current and prior year only.

What members get for their subscriptions

Members subscriptions payments are the lifeblood of the Union, all the subscriptions that members pay are re-invested back into the services and support that NASUWT members receive from the Union. 

Member subscriptions go towards providing continuing professional development for members oPublications-by-NASUWTften in the guise of specialist conferences and seminars, to find out more about such events go to book an event

Subscriptions also support the activities of the Union that go towards supporting members in the workplace, all members can access the support of their National/Regional Centre where trained and professional staff will be on hand to help. 

However, the Union is only as strong as the members who are willing to get actively involved in some capacity. 

The NASUWT is continually developing its network of school representatives and workplace contacts, as well as helping to develop Local Associations run by serving teachers who are elected to Officer positions in order to best support the NASUWT members and school representatives within their geographical area. 

The NASUWT understands that teachers have busy lives, so it is important to emphasize that getting involved in the Union is about undertaking as much or as little activity as you feel able to. To find out more about how you can support the NASUWT members in your school as well as gaining new skills, including free NASUWT training, go to getting involved in the workplace.


Past Subscriptions

Some members often want to know what previous NASUWT subscriptions have been, as it may assist in helping them to make tax relief claims against their subscriptions. Please see subscriptions for the past four years below (these subscriptions are based on an annual subscription for a full member working full time hours):

2015: £167.40

2014: £167.40

2013: £167.40

2012: £167.40

2011: £167.40

Members of the NASUWT can find out how to claim tax relief on their subscriptions.

Members should also note that any adjustment to membership subscriptions can only be back dated for 2 years.

Experiencing problems with your NASUWT Membership

NASUWT members who have experienced problems with the Union or paying their subscriptions and are considering leaving the Union should refer to the Union's Resignation Advice page for further guidance.