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FREE Student Membership

As a student teacher there are many reasons to join the NASUWT, not least that membership is totally FREE throughout the duration of your time as a student.  Apart from the unbeatable membership offer there are also many other reasons for students to join the NASUWT, some of which are detailed below. The NASUWT offers support and guidance to all of our student members both through your studies and when on placements.

NASUWT Resources for student members


Preparing for your First Teaching Post Seminars

Every August the NASUWT run UK wide seminars for NASUWT student members who have just qualified from their teacher training course and are about to take up their first teaching positions. To find out more about the seminars and to download an application form got to Student Teachers. Qualifying student teachers can also download information about the dates and venues of the free August 2014 seminars from the resources section of this page.

Free Publications

The NASUWT provides student members with a range of free publications throughout their Initial Teacher Training. To find out more about NASUWT publications for student members and to access them free of charge as a student member, go to Student Teachers


NASUWT sponsored lectures for final year student teachers

Every year the NASUWT sponsor the highly successful First Appointments Lecture Tour delivered by Barry Hancock, a former head teacher and senior recruitment consultant at Redbridge Local Authority. The lecture takes place at over 60 teacher training institutions across the UK and it provides training teachers in their final year expert guidance on finding their first teaching post. The lecture takes students through the process from the letter of application through to the interview and beyond. To find out more go to Student Teachers.

Can NASUWT help with problems at University?

The NASUWT provides general advice on all issues relating to student teachers. We also work closely with the NUS who can provide you with representation at academic hearings.

What about problems with placements?

The NASUWT provides advice to student members and representation in hearings arising from teaching placements if required. To access support speak to your Local Association Secretary or National/Regional Centre.

What about getting more involved?

The NASUWT is keen to set up student committee/forums in all teacher training institutions whereby NASUWT student members can discuss issues that are important to them along with recognised NASUWT officials. Many NASUWT student members have got actively involved in the campaigns of the Union on their campuses. Some of the issues and events NASUWT student members have got involved in include helping to set up Love Music Hate Racism gigs on campus, working with Union officials on our anti racist strategy and also discussing work based issues with the NASUWT such as the misuse of technology in the classroom and cyberbullying of teachers. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the Unions campaigns let your National/Regional Centre know of your interest in getting involved telephone the Union on 03330 145550.

What about the future?

The NASUWT will continue to support you and provide you with legal and professional advice throughout your time as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and through the rest of your teaching career. You can also learn how to become active within the NASUWT in order to collectively make positive changes within your teaching environment.

You can join the NASUWT as a student member either online Join NASUWT or by making one hassle free telephone call to 03330 145550. 

Delegates hold cups at NQT seminar in Leeds

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The NASUWT also provides reduced subscription rates for Newly Qualified Teachers. If you are in the last year of your teacher training course or you are about to qualify, go to Reductions for New Teachers.


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