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Reductions for New Teachers   


The NASUWT appreciates how daunting setting out on your new teaching career can be. To ease the financial burden on you in your first few years of teaching the NASUWT has a number of subscriptions discounts for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT’s) including teachers in their last year of studying and also teachers in their first and second years of teaching.

NQT Offer

Recently qualified teachers and students in their final year who either join NASUWT as full members or convert their NASUWT student membership to full membership can benefit from the following subscriptions offer:

  • FREE NASUWT membership for the calendar year in which you qualify.
  • then, if you agree to pay your future membership subscriptions by direct debit, you will continue to receive FREE membership for the whole of the following calendar year.
  • membership subscription for the subsequent year would be 50% of the full membership rate.
  • therefore as a new teacher qualifying in 2016 and providing the Union with direct debit instructions you would not have to pay a full NASUWT subscription until January 2019.

If you decide not to pay by direct debit you will still get FREE subscriptions for the calendar year in which you qualify followed by a 50% subscriptions reduction for your first two calendar years of teaching. 

You can take advantage of this offer either on line  Join NASUWT or by one hassle free telephone call to 03330 145550.

Free Membership for Student Teachers

If you are about to start your teacher training or if you have already started your training, it is vital that you join a teacher trade union in order to access the support, cover and guidance needed for your classroom practice and academic study.  NASUWT has a large network of practicing teachers acting as union representatives within the school and they will support students on their placements.  Membership of the NASUWT is also totally free for the duration of your studies, to find out more about the significant benefits of student membership of the NASUWT go to free student membership, you can also join the NASUWT online.