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Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

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As the largest teachers' Union in the UK, the NASUWT continues to look to ways of providing professional development opportunities to teachers that are members of the Union. Accessing the professional development opportunities that the Union can offer, is part of the overall package of membership benefits and support that is on offer to teachers choosing the NASUWT. 

NASUWT Consultation Conferences    

The NASUWT provides a number of conferences for members throughout the year. The Union provides conferences specifically for Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) members, women members, members with disabilities, young members and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members. These conferences are becoming increasingly popular with many hundreds attending each conference each year. The conferences cover issues related to teaching and also issues related to specifically being a teacher and also part of these groups. The conferences also provides professional development workshops on a range of issues relevant to teaching practice. To find out more about the consultation conferences including reports from each of the most recent conferences visit the BME Members, Young Members, Women Members, LGBT Members and Disabled Members pages of this website.

The NASUWT also provide a range of other professional development based seminars throughout the year, ranging from seminars based on educational practice, pedagogy and policy to seminars for members within school leadership teams and seminars for supply teachers. To find out more and book onto any of the Unions seminars visit the events page of the website.

Training courses for members

As well as seminars and conferences the NASUWT also provides a comprehensive free training programme for members. Many courses are aimed at those members who want to get more actively involved in the trade union, for example as a School Representative, Health and Safety Representative or a Union Learning Representative. Members who are interested in getting more involved in the NASUWT can find out more by visiting the getting involved pages of the website. The Union also provides a number of professional development courses for members including, behaviour management, working assertively, dignity at work and stress management. To find out more about either activist training courses or professional development courses for members, including when and where courses are taking place, download the NASUWT training programme for the current academic year.

Professional Development for Newly Qualified Teachers    

A major element of the NASUWT newly qualified teachers' support package are the free seminars the Union provides for new teachers. The NASUWT currently run seminars for new teachers at 3 key periods within the first year after qualification. Every August all NASUWT newly qualified members are invited to attend our FREE Preparing For Your First Teaching Post one-day seminars after completing their ITT training but prior to taking up their first teaching post.  The seminars aim to give new teachers the confidence to arrive at school for the first day of their new career believing that they are properly equipped to deal with any situation they may be faced with.To find out more about the Preparing for your First Teaching Post seminars visit the New Teachers page of this website. 

The NASUWT also hold a new teacher seminars in November every year after new teachers first term in the classroom and then a seminar in June of every year after new teachers have completed an academic year of teaching. To find out more visit the seminar's for new teachers page.

Professional Development for Student Teachers    

The NASUWT also takes the professional development of our student teacher members seriously. Every academic year the Union sponsors a First Appointments lecture tour, whereby speakers provide essential guidance, advice and tips on getting that first teaching job for student teachers in the final months of their training. In the last academic year the NASUWT sponsored tour reached over 60 initial teacher training institutions across the UK. To find out more about the tour, including how to encourage your university to take up the option of a lecture visit the student teachers page of this website.