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Data Protection Notice

The NASUWT collects and maintains personal information in order to carry out its functions as a trade union, provide membership services and comply with certain statutory obligations. All personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and with appropriate levels of security. By joining the NASUWT, you agree to our processing your personal information, including sensitive personal information, such as trade union membership as follows.

The purposes for which the NASUWT will use personal information, including sensitive personal information such as trade union membership, are for a range of union-based activities including:

  • to facilitate communication between members;
  • to ballot members;
  • to facilitate the internal democracy of the NASUWT;
  • to facilitate representation and negotiation;
  • to maintain records as to the eligibility of members and their dependants to enjoy benefits under the Rules of the Union or as offered by service providers;
  • in offering and providing benefits, services, goods or products to members and their dependants;
  • to analyse for the purposes of targeted mailing and the development of NASUWT activities;
  • statistical profiling, including that relating to trade union membership, health and racial origin, where the NASUWT considers that appropriate.

All information (updated as appropriate) is kept throughout membership and, to the extent necessary, for such reasonable period after membership as may be necessary to enable the member to access any post-membership benefits.

In order to carry out some of the above it will be necessary for the NASUWT to disclose information. Personal information will be made available to NASUWT employees and lay officers at Headquarters, National/Regional Centres and branches. It will also be released to agents, contractors and other service providers but only for the purpose of such agents, contractors or other service providers using the information on behalf of the NASUWT. Where, occasionally, the Union uses the services of such organisations, they are contractually obliged to process personal data in a secure and confidential manner under strict instructions. Such organisations include those who provide approved legal, financial and membership services or who distribute NASUWT publications.

Members have the right to object to and stop direct marketing in any form by organisations contacting them on behalf of the NASUWT. If they wish to exercise their right to object and stop such direct marketing then they should write to the Membership Team requesting that such mailings be stopped or, alternatively, write to the organisation in question direct.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information the Union holds on you (for which there is a small charge of £10) and to request that any inaccuracies be corrected.

This Notice will be amended from time to time and will be regularly published in Union material such as the diary and website.

If you are concerned about any issues regarding Data Protection please write to:

The Data Protection Controller
Assistant General Secretary (Regional Development & Support) 
Hillscourt Education Centre 
Rose Hill 
B45 8RS