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About the NASUWT

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The NASUWT is the only TUC-affiliated teachers’ union to represent teachers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. NASUWT organises in all sectors from early years to further education and represents teachers in all roles including heads and deputies.

NASUWT Campaigns

NASUWT is Standing up for Standards

The NASUWT campaigns on a wide range of issues that affect teachers. Since May 2010 there have been a raft of cuts and reforms to the education service and public services across the UK in general, that are resulting in job losses, pay freezes and the potential reduction in the terms, conditions and the professional practice of teachers and other public sector workers. The NASUWT took part in a national day of action on 30 November 2011 with other TUC affiliated trade unions. However the NASUWT is the only teachers' union that has followed this action with nationally coordinated action short of strike action from the 1 December 2011. This action is intended to be pupil and parent friendly action and it is aimed at winning back many of the contractual provisions that have started to be rolled back over the course of the last 18 months.  In the face of these challenges the NASUWT is defending state education and members terms and conditions in general through the Union's Standing up for Standards campaign

The NASUWT has embedded its action with further days of national action co-ordinated with the NUT, across England. To find out more about why the NASUWT is taking action visit the industrial action pages.


As part of the NASUWT's opposition to cuts to public services, the NASUWT are backing calls for alternative methods for reducing the budget deficit. Like many trade unions and other groups, the NASUWT are backing calls for a Robin Hood Tax on some of the financial transactions of many of the large banks. 

NASUWT campaigns for the protection of teachers

As well as campaigning for the protection of teachers terms and conditions, the NASUWT also campaigns and forms policies in order to protect teachers from bullying and harassment in the workplace. In order to establish the kinds of difficulties NASUWT members face in the workplace, the Union has sent up an online wellbeing at work survey. At the same time the NASUWT is becoming increasingly concerned about the prevalence in the use of technology by both pupils and employers to bully teaching staff. The NASUWT continues to campaign for school leadership teams to form proper school wide policies on the use and misuse of technology such as mobile phones and social networking sites such as Facebook. For more information have a look at the Union's work on cyberbullying.

NASUWT campaigning against fascism and racism

The NASUWT believes that people who are members or supporters of fascist and racist organisations should not be allowed to teach young people in the UK. 

Getting Involved in the NASUWT

The NASUWT is only as strong and effective as the membership it represents. The lifeblood of the Union is its members and the only way the Union can effectively meet the challenges ahead is to have an active membership. Being active in the Union means doing as much or as little as you can in your workplace and your local association as you get more experienced. Union activity can be anything from ensuring your school noticeboard is kept up to date with NASUWT bulletins, encouraging your colleagues to read NASUWT materials as it comes in the post, to recruiting new members of teaching staff into the NASUWT, attending Union meetings and representing members who are facing issues at work. There are a range of interesting and worthwhile activities that you can undertake and there are no time restrictions, so whether its five minutes of your time or five hours every little bit helps the teachers in your workplace and will provide you with new skills as well as great deal of satisfaction emanating from the knowledge that you have helped your fellow colleagues. Find out more about getting involved by visiting the getting active in the workplace.

More from the NASUWT

Find out more about how the NASUWT works, with further links to other useful information by going inside NASUWT.

NASUWT Benefits Offers


Joining the NASUWT

How to Join the NASUWT


The NASUWT is the only teaching union to effectively organise throughout the UK. The NASUWT covers all educational professionals who have a contract which requires them to teach, lecture or instruct including students training to teach. 

Joining the NASUWT today means that you have the peace of mind of knowing that the most influential teachers' union, with the most school based representatives is on hand to offer you the support and guidance you need. Joining the NASUWT today couldn't be easier. The quickest and most convenient way to join is online, alternatively you can make one quick telephone call to the NASUWT Membership Team on 03330 145550 (choosing option 2). 

Current Membership Offers

The current membership offers the NASUWT have in place include free and then further reduced subscriptions for newly qualified teachers and free subscriptions for student teachers. There is also free membership for 12 month from the point of joining for any practicing teacher that has not been subject to a free membership offer recently and agrees to provide bank details for future monthly direct details at the point of joining.

Teachers can also view the NASUWT's current subscription rates for when they do have to start paying subscriptions to the Union.

Communicating with the NASUWT

The NASUWT's strategies for improving the working conditions of teachers across the UK, is largely dependent on continuing to build effective methods of two-way communication between the Union and the membership. There are a number of ways that the Union currently communicates with the membership, including advice, guidance and research that is produced in the form of NASUWT publications. Also despite the NASUWT offering advice and guidance to members on the misuse of social networking websites and other technology, the Union still advocates that social networking sites can be used progressively. In this respect the NASUWT offers guidance to members on e-safety particularly when using social networking sites to hold personal information or opinions, but encourages members to enter into important discussions about teaching today by becoming a friend of the NASUWT on Facebook and by following the Union on Twitter.

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NASUWT Conference, Events and Seminars

Another way NASUWT members can communicate and have an input into the policies of the Union is through the events, seminars and conferences that the NASUWT run on a regular basis throughout the calendar year. The NASUWT run seminars for new teachers at strategic times in the school year on an annual basis, whilst there are also annual Consultation Conferences for the under-represented groups within the Union's membership. The NASUWT also hold other seminars and conferences that discuss various aspects of education policy. The overarching decision making body of the NASUWT is the Annual Conference which runs over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend every year. To find out more about the Union's events including how to register visit events, seminars and conferences.