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Football match with NASUWT advertising boardThe NASUWT is proud to sponsor the events and projects listed below:

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Riverside Brass Band - Since 2008, NASUWT has sponsored the band, which played at Annual Conference 2010. In 2005, it finished second at the Northern Regional Brass Band Championships and qualified for the first time in their history for the National Finals at The Royal Albert Hall.

Youth Music Theatre UK - The NASUWT has sponsored Youth Music Theatre for three years. The principle aim of the charity is the personal and creative development of young people through the medium of music theatre. See the 2009 studio programme.

Voluntary Services Overseas carol concert.

Ability vs Ability - British Paralympics Pack for Schools

Aviva Elevating Athletics - The NASUWT is proud to be the only teachers’ trade union sponsoring the Aviva UK Athletics Elevating Athletics resource for teachers.

Aviva Parallel Success – The NASUWT has worked with UK Athletics on this exciting project to identify paralympic athletes of the future.

BT Paralympic World Cup – The NASUWT is for the fifth year the sole education sponsor of this exciting event. The BT Paralympic web site has an education resource and access to tickets for all of the vents taking place from 20 to 25 May 2009 in Manchester.

UK School games – The NASUWT is the education sponsor of the Youth Sport School Games Programme

Voluntary Services Overseas sponsorship pack.

Chevening Scholarship Ruskin College – for an overseas student from a third world nation.

Hazards Campaign 2008 – to support the work of the Health & Safety Executive.

Anne Frank – using the historical analysis to support current anti-racist and anti-fascist work.

Global Campaign for Education – fighting for universal primary education.

Song for Peace working with National Youth Music and the World Peace Day organisation to promote 21st September as a day of peace.

Phillip Lawrence Awards

Comprehensive Future

UK Stress Network

Sec Ed - The NASUWT has sponsored a number of supplements including "Equality in Schools" , "Safe to Teach?", "Raising Standards" and "Managing Behaviour"

English Schools Golf Association