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National Pensioners Convention is a national organisation fighting for pension rights whose affiliation shows our support as well as providing a link for the RMA.

Amnesty International is a national organisation fighting against arbitrary arrest of political detainees around the world.

National Children’s’ Bureau is a charitable organisation that acts as an umbrella body for organisations working with children and young people in England & Northern Ireland.

Jubilee Debt Campaign is working for debt cancellation in poorer countries.

Ragged School Museum is in London, supporting the historical and traditional view of schooling in the previous century and educational changes since then.

Mechanics Centre Museum of Trade Union history in Manchester.

Trade Union Disability Alliance is an organisation of Disabled Trade Union Members co-ordinating the perspective of Disabled people in the Trade Union movement.

United Campaign to repeal anti trade union laws passed during the Thatcher era which inhibit trade unions’ freedom over its own membership.

Campaign to End Child Poverty is an umbrella organisation of 90 groups supporting the eradication of UK child poverty.

Burma Campaign supports trade unionism and freedom and democracy in Burma against the fascist junta.

Disability Alliance is a national registered charity with the principal aim of relieving the poverty and improving the living standards of disabled people.

Anti Bullying Alliance is a national campaign to tackle problems of bullying.

National Campaign for the Arts promotes arts in all forms in England and Wales.

Public Service Pensions Council is a council of public sector trade union groups.

Workers Educational Association supports adult learning fro those who have either failed or not had opportunity in the school system.

Work Foundation promotes good employment practices and support employment law information.

Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom is a campaign both in the UK and throughout the world for broadcasting freedom.

Centre for Corporate Accountability is a charity concerned with the promotion of worker and public safety.

National Council of Women is an umbrella organisation of womens’ groups taking forward issues to government at national and international level.

UK Disabled Peoples Forum.

Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers is the link organisation for teacher training institutions, training schools and the trade unions to deal with issues of training, NQT and CPD work.

Unite Against Fascism is a major organisation fighting against fascist movements such as the BNP.

Unions 21 is a TUC group exploring modern ideas, developments and challenges for the trade union movement.

Zero Tolerance works to prevent violence against women and children.

Liberty protects civil liberty and promote human rights.

National Assembly Against Racism

Labour Research Department – membership

Searchlight works against fascism

Justice for Colombia fights for the trade union movement and political freedom in Colombia.

Cuba Solidarity is a campaign to support Cuban education in particular from the effects of the US boycott.

Federation for the Elderly and Retired Persons Association is a European wide body representing retired people across Europe.


Youth Music Theatre UK - Give 5 Keep Theatre Alive Campaign

TUC LBGT conference social.

TUC Black Workers conference.

TUC J Flag – campaigning to support LGBT people in the Carribean.

London Pride – LGBT parade in London.

Institute of Employment Rights

Tolpuddle Martyrs supporting the trade union movement from its historical past and the Tolpuddle weekend.

Working Class Movement Library – a heritage resource of documents, books and materials on the development of the trade union movement.

Disability Sport England – advert in the magazine to show positive support for the work of the organisation.

Chuckle Book – activities for children in hospital.

Hospital Fun Book - activities for children in hospital.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign Logo