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Sheltered Housing Scheme

Sheltered Housing accommodation comprising 27 single and two person flats and 20 bungalows is available for retired NASUWT members, or the retired dependants of NASUWT members, wishing to retain the benefits of private, independent living.

The accommodation is located at Rushworth Close, Cheltenham, GL51 0JR. The premises are easily accessed by road and rail, being within a 20 minute walk of Cheltenham Station, approximately half a mile from the main A40 and three miles from junction 11 of the M5. Access into Cheltenham for those without cars is also trouble free with buses stopping regularly nearby.

The Schoolmasters’ (NAS) Benevolent Housing Association employs a Scheme Manager to ensure, as far as possible, the safety and well-being of the tenants and to act as an adviser, friend and good neighbour.

Within each property at Cheltenham Homes there is an alarm system which allows tenants to summon assistance. Each property has available the following equipment:

  • a small portable alarm which can be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket or handbag;
  • a wall mounted alarm, which can be activated by voice or by pulling a cord in the lounge or bathroom;
  • a smoke alarm;
  • a door entry facility (only for flats in Rushworth House).

A Guest Room is provided and arrangements can be made through the Scheme Manager for tenants to reserve the room for use by a friend or relative visiting for a short period.

A Common Room is available to tenants for social and recreational activities. Occasionally, it may also be used for religious services and other activities which have the general interest and wellbeing of tenants at heart. There are separate recreation rooms containing facilities for woodwork, art and other crafts. A laundry room is provided and tenants have the use of the washing and drying equipment.

Enquiries and applications for accommodation at Rushworth Close are always welcome even if you are not yet ready to move into sheltered housing.

For further details please refer to the information within the pdf to the right of this page.


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Landlord's guidance for prospective tenants