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Lifelong Learning Officer

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NASUWT Lifelong Learning Officers are elected lay officials of the Union.  Each Local Association has been encouraged to create a Lifelong Learning Officer position elected annually from the membership.  One of the aims of the NASUWT is to establish a Union Learning Representative in each school so that the NASUWT can fully understand and support the learning and professional needs of its members.  The Lifelong Learning Officer role is pivotal in the continuation of this role.

The Role of the Lifelong Learning Officer

The work of the Local Association Lifelong Learning Officer involves:

  • coordinating learning opportunities across the local authority;
  • recruiting school-based Union Learning Representatives;
  • providing support for the Union Learning Representatives within the authority;
  • promoting the role of the Union Learning Representatives within the authority;
  • engaging in developmental work with local service providers;
  • representing Union Learning Representatives in authority-wide meetings and conferences.

The Lifelong Learning Officer is part of the Local Association team and does much to support other roles within the Local Association.  This could include supporting the Local Association Equality Officer in developing local awareness- raising briefings on equality issues, ascertaining the barriers to accessing continuing professional development (CPD) and learning opportunities and encouraging under-represented groups to take on a more active role within the NASUWT.


How to get elected as the Lifelong Learning Officer

  • Contact your Local Association Secretary and find out whether there is a Lifelong Learning Officer position and/or vacancy.
  • Find out the date of your Local Association Annual General Meeting from the Local Secretary and seek to be nominated to stand for election.


Time to carry out the duties

Facility time, for release from teaching duties, may be provided at local level.  Whilst there is no statutory provision for facility time for the Lifelong Learning Officer, this can be usually negotiated with the support of the Local Association/Negotiating Secretary.