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The NASUWT Recruitment Awards

Conference delegates

Recruitment is essential to the future and continued strength of the NASUWT. Each year the NASUWT aims to recognise the exceptional contribution made by our recruiters with the Recruitment Awards. The awards take the form of a competition with entries being judged and prizes awarded based on activity which has contributed to building the NASUWT. 

Entering the 2015 NASUWT Recruitment Awards

The closing date for entries for the 2015 NASUWT Recruitment Awards was Friday 27th February 2015.

Details of the 2015 Award winners will appear on this page in April 2015 after the Union's Annual Conference.


The 2014 Recruitment Award Winners

In 2014 there were four categories within the Recruitment Awards that local associations or individual members & activists could be entered into. The winners of the 2014 Awards were;

Best Campaign - South Essex Local Association

Best Communication - Leeds Local Association

Best Event - Cornwall Local Association

Recruiter of the Year - Ben Cullis - South Suffolk Association.

Find out what innovative recruitment and organising work the winners put in place in their localities by using the related links section on this page.

2014 Winners Background Stories

Use the link below to find out why the local associations and individuals won the NASUWT Recruitment Awards in 2014. Local Associations can use the work highlighted to inform their own recruitment and organising activities.

2014 Recruitment Award Winners