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Anti-gay laws fuelling homophobia around the world10/09/2014 15:41

Punitive and discriminatory anti-gay laws are fuelling rising homophobia around the world, the NASUWT told the TUC Congress in Liverpool.

NASUWT speaks out against Immigration Bill10/09/2014 15:36

The NASUWT has warned that moves to compel schools to check the immigration status of pupils will divide communities and create a climate of fear and mistrust in our schools.

Campaign launched to save refuges04/09/2014 11:39

A campaign has been launched to save the national network of specialist refuges, which are under threat as a result of massive funding cuts.

LGBT services on the ‘brink of crisis’03/09/2014 17:18

LGBT services are on the brink of crisis, a new TUC report has found, with the majority pessimistic about their ability to survive in future.

VSO's Women in Power campaign14/08/2014 16:25

The charity VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) has launched a campaign which is pressing for greater action from world leaders to ensure that women around the world have a political voice to challenge discrimination, gender-based violence and misogyny.

Workers being priced out of justice04/08/2014 16:00

Employment tribunal fees have been a huge victory for Britain’s worst bosses, according to a new TUC report.

NASUWT Consultation Conference Round-Up08/07/2014 12:16

You can now read all about what happened at the NASUWT’s recent consultation conferences.

Flexible working rights extended01/07/2014 12:07

All workers who have been with their employer for more than half a year now have the right to request flexible working.

LGBT attacks a 'stain on humanity'30/06/2014 12:40

Trade unionists can and must be at the forefront of a global campaign to rid the world of anti-gay laws, the NASUWT has told the TUC LGBT Conference.

Pensions inequality allowed to continue27/06/2014 16:11

Action to correct an ongoing inequality in public sector pension schemes is no closer after a Government review failed to bring forward any recommendations to ensure women and LGBT workers will not continue to be discriminated against in the provision of survivor benefits.

Millions of disabled children missing out on education worldwide26/06/2014 10:51

The UK government is not doing enough to support disabled children worldwide to get an education, according to international campaigners.

NASUWT activist takes the fight for LGBT equality to Spain19/06/2014 17:29

Mary Page, a former member of the NASUWT’s LGBT Committee, is helping to challenge homophobia and discrimination from her new home in Andalucía where she has joined LGBT campaign group Arcolis.

Equal pay fight must continue19/06/2014 12:36

The NASUWT has warned that the gains made in achieving greater gender equality are in danger of being reversed as women become the victims of the economic crisis.

Discrimination Holding Disabled Teachers Back In Their Careers18/06/2014 12:26

The NASUWT’s General Secretary has hit out at the “unprecedented freedoms” given to employers by the Coalition Government to exploit their workforce, which, she said, is hitting disabled workers particularly hard.

Access to justice being blocked by tribunal fees18/06/2014 12:20

The chilling effect of the Government’s decision to introduce fees for workers seeking to take their employer to a tribunal has been laid starkly bare after official figures showed large falls in the number of cases being brought.

NASUWT member condemns disability bullying03/06/2014 17:19

An NASUWT member has shared her story of bullying and harassment at work as the Union condemned the Coalition Government’s trivialisation and deregulation of employment rights and protections for disabled workers.

New guidance on LGBT workers and mental health02/06/2014 17:22

The TUC has published new advice about mental health issues and how lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people can be affected in the workplace.

New guidance for supporting disabled pupils02/06/2014 16:08

New guidance is being produced for schools in Scotland to help ensure pupils with disabilities can get equal access to a high quality education.

Battle for gender equality30/04/2014 12:17

The health, safety and wellbeing of women is being seriously undermined by the Coalition Government’s programme of attacks and cuts, the NASUWT has told this year’s TUC’s Women’s Conference.

Aspirations of BME pupils being tarnished30/04/2014 12:07

Black and minority ethnic (BME) teachers and pupils are being held back because of the Coalition Government’s education reforms, argued the NASUWT at the TUC Black Workers’ Conference.


Showing 1-20 of 28