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Young teachers being undermined27/03/2014 11:13

The recruitment and career progression of young teachers is being damaged by the Coalition Government’s education policies, the NASUWT has told the TUC Young Members Conference.

Tackling online safety and prejudice19/03/2014 16:40

A conference is to examine what schools can do to tackle the problems of cyberbullying and online prejudice.

Battle for equality being undermined by Government cuts17/03/2014 15:39

The health, safety and wellbeing of women is being seriously undermined by the Coalition Government’s programme of attacks and cuts, the NASUWT has told this year’s TUC’s Women’s Conference.

Coalition policies ‘backward step’ in race equality11/03/2014 12:47

The Coalition Government’s education policies represent a “backward step in race equality” for pupils and teachers; the NASUWT’s General Secretary has told a national conference.

Equal access to education for women and girls must be tackled, says NASUWT08/03/2014 0:03

The gender discrimination and inequality which prevents millions of women and girls worldwide from accessing education must be urgently addressed, the NASUWT has stated on International Women’s Day.

Older women being denied a ‘fair deal’ in the workplace06/03/2014 14:50

Older women in the workplace are constantly performing an impossible act of juggling caring responsibilities and paid work, a new report by the TUC into the experiences of working women aged over 50 has found.

NASUWT Consultation Conference Round-Up28/02/2014 14:49

You can now read all about what happened at the NASUWT’s recent consultation conferences.

NASUWT supports No More Page 3 campaign21/02/2014 11:37

The NASUWT has become a signatory to the No More Page 3 campaign which is calling for the removal of page 3 girls from national newspapers.

Training to combat homophobic bullying in schools18/02/2014 12:10

Stonewall has announced that it is to expand its Train the Trainer programme which supports teachers and other school staff to tackle homophobic bullying and promote LGBT equality in schools.

Homophobia still a problem in schools, say NASUWT members12/02/2014 12:15

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender (LGBT) teachers are facing unacceptable social, political and economic attacks as a result of the Coalition Government’s cuts and reforms, the NASUWT’s General Secretary has stated.

Young teachers share hopes and fears05/02/2014 11:11

Members discussed the challenges facing the profession at the NASUWT’s Young Teachers’ Consultation Conference, the largest gathering of young teachers in the country.

NASUWT commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day 201427/01/2014 11:19

Holocaust Memorial Day is marked internationally on 27th January, the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and extermination camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Attack on support for deaf workers15/01/2014 16:49

Campaigners are fighting against a new rule which means that any deaf worker who uses an interpreter for more than 30 hours a week will have to employ one interpreter full time.

Gender pay gap widens13/12/2013 16:17

The gender pay gap has increased, according to the latest official figures.

Fight against racism continues12/12/2013 12:18

The NASUWT’s Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Teachers’ Consultation Conference heard that racism and prejudice is still blighting far too many teachers’ lives and careers.

Shared parental leave to be introduced03/12/2013 16:07

The Government has announced that mothers and fathers will be able to share parental leave from April 2015.

Government urged to show commitment to tackling violence against women26/11/2013 11:59

Equality campaigners have called on the Government to stop dragging its feet and show its commitment to tackling violence against women.

Action call on homophobic bullying in schools22/11/2013 12:15

The NASUWT has highlighted contradictions in the Government's work to tackle homophobia in schools.

Government loses bid to axe disability funding07/11/2013 16:44

The Government has lost a bid to cut off funding which enables more than 19,000 severely disabled people to live independently.

Women still earn £5,000 less then men07/11/2013 16:40

Women working full time still earn on average almost £5,000 a year less than men, according to a TUC analysis of official figures published to mark Equal Pay Day.


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